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Bravo Aircraft Technical Services Limited (BATS), a wholly owned subsidiary of the SUM Aviation Group, provides Part 145 approved aircraft maintenance and engineering solutions from its base in Malta, across Europe and the greater Mediterranean area.  BATS specialises in Line Maintenance and Paint Limited Base Maintenance services with full AOG and Parts/Logistics coverage.


Bravo Aircraft Technical Services Limited (BATS) provides its customers with a ‘round-the-clock’ range of customised and comprehensive maintenance solutions to support their operational needs. Our highly trained, qualified, and experienced aircraft engineers are available to support you in the servicing, maintenance and defect repair of your aircraft. Our focus is supporting our customers to achieve the highest levels of service provision and reliability by ensuring fast, efficient and cost-effective maintenance turn-around, resulting in maximum utilisation of their aircraft. At BATS we pride ourselves on our dedication, flexibility and safety.

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Good paint facility, and very good part 145.
Every day available for the customer.



Bravo Aircraft Technical Services Limited (BATS) provides universal solutions for a range of customised and comprehensive line maintenance set-ups. Our highly experienced staff can promise fast, efficient and cost-effective maintenance turnaround, enabling our customers’ aircraft to swiftly return to the air.

Our services include:
● Transit, Daily, and Weekly Checks
● Phase Checks, up to and including ‘A’ Checks
● Defect troubleshooting and rectification
● LRU replacement including engines
● Issuance of EASA Form 1 for removed serviceable components
● Cabin maintenance
● In-Flight Entertainment system troubleshooting
● NDT in collaboration with experienced aircraft industry partners
● Engine borescope inspection
● Engine ground runs
● Aircraft exterior and interior deep clean
● Aircraft interior disinfection
● Aircraft physical weighing
● Towing

Bravo Aircraft Technical Services (BATS) has the capability to provide full aircraft painting and livery technical support services. We can support your paint/livery shop with our Base Maintenance Limited to painting Approval, as well as bespoke livery requests through paint slots with our local partners.

Our services include:
● Pre/Post aircraft paint maintenance checks
● Bare metal inspections
● Aircraft physical or calculated weighing
● Flight control moment change calculation and balancing
● Defect rectifications during ground time

BATS can provide highly experienced Flight Support Engineers (FSE) dedicated to your operation to ensure uninterrupted and reliable service.
We specialize in supporting airlines and operators and flying in challenging environments such as emerging markets and conflict zones, with fast turnaround. Our team can be mobilised for travel at short notice to prevent service interruption and ensure your flights can operate reliably and safely.

Our Services include:
● FSE support for ad hoc flights to remote locations
● FSE support for both chartered and scheduled operations to unsupported locations
● FSE support for VIP operations

BATS can provide clients with dedicated storage facilities for spare parts and rotable components, in accordance with EASA Part-145 compliance. While our base is located in the Mediterranean, we are able to ship these parts to any required location. Furthermore, BATS can also supply a range of standard parts to ensure clientele aircraft can be completely airworthy around the clock.

Our Services
● Supply of spare parts, components and consumables
● Sourcing of spare parts, components and consumables
● Warehousing and consignment
● Logistic services
● 24/7 AOG Support

BATS team and our esteemed partner with experienced technical team carry out Borescope Inspections all over the world. We also carry out full records reviews, engine shop visit management, acceptance and redelivery checks and audits. Please contact us for full capability list.


  • EASA
  • Aruban
  • Cayman
  • Guernsey
  • SHGM
  • Aircraft Type Coverage:
    • Airbus A320 series
    • Airbus A330 series
    • Airbus A340 series
    • Boeing 737-300 thru 900
    • Boeing 737-7/8/9
    • Boeing 747-8
    • Boeing 747-400
    • Boeing 757 series
    • Boeing 767 series
    • Boeing 777 series
    • Boeing 787 series
    • Bombardier CL-600-2B16 (604 Variant) (GE CF34)
    • Bombardier BD-700 Series
    • Components Other than Complete engines or APUs: C9 Fuel